Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Welcome to a World of Fitness and Well-Being!

Our fitness offerings encompass a diverse range of classes tailored to enhance every facet of your health. From Core Body workouts that strengthen your foundation, Pelvic Floor exercises for holistic well-being, the tranquility of Yoga for mind-body harmony, the infectious energy of Zumba dance, Senior Strength training for active aging, to Range of Motion exercises that optimize mobility – we have something for everyone. Explore our classes and embark on a journey to a fitter, more agile, and balanced you. Your well-being starts here.

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Full Body & Core Strength Fitness Classes at NutriaMed

Full Body & Core Strength

Transform your core strength for better posture, balance, and overall vitality through our core body fitness training.

Yoga Classes at NutriaMed


Yoga is the path to a harmonious mind and body. Embrace the transformative power of yoga for enhanced flexibility, strength, and inner peace.

Joint & Muscle Recovery

Unlock greater mobility and flexibility with our joint and muscle fitness classes, enhancing your daily movement and overall quality of life.

Dance & Core

Enhance your body strength, posture, flexibility and reduce pain with a unique class that combines dance movement with core exercises for the ultimate body and mood transformation.

Senior Strength Training

Experience renewed vitality and independence through our senior strength training, tailored to enhance your overall well-being as you age gracefully.

Pelvic Floor

Discover pelvic floor therapy fitness designed to empower and improve core strength, posture, and overall wellness.

Fitness Workshops

Experience the healing power of Ayurveda Yoga, where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness. Harmonize your mind, body, spirit in this powerful two-day workshop.

June 8th – June 9th