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Comprehensive Metabolic Care utilizing Medicine, Nutrition, Fitness, Education, Medications and more.

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.


Fitness Classes

Comprehensive Metabolic Care utilizing Medicine, Nutrition, Fitness, Education, Medications and much more.

About NutriaMed

Our team of experts at NutriaMed Metabolic & Lifestyle Center include an endocrinologist and weight management specialist, a nutritionist, a physical therapy and yoga specialist, personal trainers, and a chef. We offer medical and nutrition consultations, medications, lifestyle educational classes, dietary and meal replacement programs, exercise and fitness classes, and healthy cooking classes.

Our Services

Unifying variable remedies and treatments for a comprehensive approach to help our patients live healthier lives.

Experienced Team

Led by Dr. Bursheh, MD, CCD, our team understands clinical, medical and lifestyle related changes are all important to overall wellness.

Metabolic and Lifestyle Center

Our state of the art facility was designed to deliver the ultimate customer experience and educate on all aspects of wellness.

Healthy Cooking Classes

Have fun, get healthy and share the experience of the art of cooking.

Fitness Classes

Learn the best ways to implement exercise into your sustainable wellness journey.

Lifestyle Education Classes

Working with our trained professionals you can be educated and plan for lifestyle choices that lead to healthier lives.

Vitamins & Metabolic Weight Loss

Vitamins and weight loss are key components to maintaining healthy living.

What is Obesity?

November 27, 2023|Medical, Nutrition|

Discover the multifaceted aspects of obesity, from diagnostic methods such as BMI and waist circumference to its causes, including genetics and lifestyle factors, along with a comprehensive exploration of complications ranging from metabolic changes to increased risks of chronic conditions and diseases.

Our Favorite Recipes

Learn to live your best life with our team at NutriaMed.

Where Nutrition, Fitness, Lifestyle Education and Weight Loss Management provide a pathway to healthy living!

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